SMD Reed Relays
Reed Relays & Optocouplers - SMD Reed Relays
CRF and CRR relays, as well as RM modules are low-profile over-molded relays [more]
High Insulation Reed Relays
Reed Relays & Optocouplers - High Insulation Reed Relays
HI, BE-HI and MRE-HI are relays with high insulation-resistance up to 1,000 Gigaohm with a low dielectric constant. [more]
High Frequency Reed Relays
Reed Relays & Optocouplers - High Frequency Reed Relays
CRF, HF, LP, MRE and SIL relays are capable of switching high frequency signals up to 7 GHz. [more]
Ex-approved Reed Relays
Reed Relays & Optocouplers - Ex-approved Reed Relays
MRX relays with ATEX approval are used for the galvanic separation of intrinsically save and non-intrinsically safe circuits. [more]
Current Loop Reed Relays
Reed Relays & Optocouplers - Current Loop Reed Relays
DIL-CL, NP-CL and SIL-CL are relays used to detect currents, available in one- or two-coil versions. They are used in telecommunication devices. [more]

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3-D Magnetic Mapping
Magnet Interactions
Magnet Technology & Uses
Latching Sensors & Relays
Liquid Level Sensing
Reed, Hall & EM Overview
Reed Switch Technology
Reed Relay as RF Switch Part 1
Reed Relay as RF Switch Part 2


Form A = normally open contact (N. O.)
Form B = normally closed contact (N.C.)
Form C = change over contact (S.P.D.T.)
Form E = Bistable / Latching
AT = Ampere Turns; Parameter that describes magnetic sensitivity.

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How a Reed Switch Works

How a reed switch works

How a Reed Switch is Made

Reed Switch Production

Reed Relay Resources

Basic Reed Relay
Basic Reed Relay information.

Handling Reed Relays
Proper technique for handling Reed Relays.

High Frequency Reed Relays
Reed Relays capable of handling HF up to 10GHz.

High Frequency Testing
Reed Relay high frequency test set-up and test fixtures.

Life Test Data
View life test data for Reed Switches.

Low offset voltage switching
Reed Relays capable of switching low micro-volts signals.

Magnetic Field Strength
Ampere Turns (AT) vs. milliTesla (mT).

Reed Relay Applications
A general overview of Reed Relay applications.

Technology Comparison
Reed Relays vs Solid-State relays.