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3-D Magnetic Mapping
Magnet Interactions
Magnet Technology & Uses
Latching Sensors & Relays
Liquid Level Sensing
Reed, Hall & EM Overview
Reed Switch Technology
Reed Relay as RF Switch Part 1
Reed Relay as RF Switch Part 2


Form A = normally open contact (N. O.)
Form B = normally closed contact (N.C.)
Form C = change over contact (S.P.D.T.)
Form E = Bistable / Latching
AT = Ampere Turns; Parameter that describes magnetic sensitivity.

All New Applications!

How a Reed Switch Works

How a reed switch works

How a Reed Switch is Made

Reed Switch Production

Reed Sensor Resources

Activation Distances
A guideline for Reed Sensor magnetic activation distances.

Basic Reed Switch
General function and description of Reed Switches.

Electrical Parameters
Basis electrical characteristics of Reed Switches.

Handling Precautions
Proper handling techniques for Reed Sensors.

Life Test Data
View life test data for Reed Switches.

Magnetic Field Strength
Ampere Turns (AT) vs. milliTesla (mT).

Magnetic Operation
A Reed Switch used in conjuction with a permanent magnet is a Reed Sensor.

Reed Sensor Applications
View a small sample of the different Reed Switch applications.

Technology Comparison
The benefits of using a Reed Sensor vs a Hall Effect sensor.