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2014 Newsletter Archive

October 2014

Magnetic Components & Current Sense Transformers

September 2014

Marine and Boat Applications

August 2014

Fluid Level Sensors for HVAC Applications

July 2014

Planar Inductor & Planar Transformer Special

June 2014

Magnet Technology and Their Uses

May 2014

Reed Technology for Transportation Applications - Part II

March 2014

Reed Switches - World's Smallest HV Switch KSK-1A35/1

February 2014

Reed Technology for Transportation Applications

January 2014

Reed Relay Technology


Standard liquid level sensor for horizontally mounting.

MK24 Surface Mount Reed Sensors

High performance noncontact reed sensors ideal for low power applications

The distinctive feature of the level sensor LS03 -NN is the conical running up thread NPT.