Magnetic Reed Switches, Reed Relays, Reed Sensors and Level Sensors for your specific application needs!

Standex-Meder Electronics is a global leader in the custom design, development and manufacture of Magnetic Reed Switch, Reed Relay and Reed Sensor solutions.

Standex-Meder is a preferred source for OKI Reed Switches.

Our markets include: Aviation, Test & Measurement, Medical, Automotive, Telecommunications, Industrial, Household, Security, Marine, Recreational Vehicles, etc.

ISO/TS: 16949:2009 & ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Reed Switches
A Reed Switch is used for switching or sensing applications. It consists of two ferromagnetic contact blades, hermetically sealed in a glass capsule. They range in size from 4mm and up, with a contact rating of 10-100W.

Reed Sensors & Magnets
A Reed sensor is a conveniently packaged reed switch that acts as a proximity sensor when in the presence of a magnetic field. No physical contact is required. A reed sensor is used to sense movement, rotation, end position and liquid levels.

Reed Relays & Optocouplers
Reed relays contain an electromagnetic coil and reed switch. When power is applied to the coil, the reed switch is activated. They are ideal for applications requiring low and stable contact resistance, low capacitance, high insulation resistance, long life and small package size. They are also suitable for high RF switching and low current switching.

Liquid Level Sensors & Floats
Liquid level sensors are a simple magnetic float switch which are a dependable and low cost solution. A wide range level sensing magnets and magnets floats are available for a variety of level detection applications using our reed sensors and reed switches.

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